possibilityClock v.1


I took a break from writing for the past few weeks to work on an app idea. The inspiration came in part because of the odd hours I’ve slipped into (getting up and going to sleep on the late side). In part because I’ve been conditioned by the normal 9-5 workday and especially with the winter sun going down by 5, lately I’ve been having the distinct feeling around 5 o clock each day that my day was wrapping up when in fact, because of my shifted schedule, it was actually ramping up. Meet possibilityClock, a clock visualization created with the intention to remind me where I actually am in the day regardless of the specific hour.

I’ve got plans in store for how to continue to develop the concept in a number of directions, but I’ve really got to get back to writing the book! One nice side effect of the work on the app… it’s helped me develop the visual style that the book infographics and illustrations had been taking. I’m thinking I’ll redo them using html5 drawing in the style of the clock. That approach creates a cool opportunity to have dynamic interactive illustrations online to express ideas and concepts in the book and how they relate to each other.