First Bits – Parts and Connections

Welcome to Stuff is Parts!  My name is Todd DeMelle.  My intent for this blog is to use it to share an evolving model of how development works with the hope of enabling more effective development.   I’ve been thinking a lot about what development is and how to get better at it over the last decade or so mostly in my role as a video game art director working on big, complex games with multi-disciplinary teams.

While I plan to share a lot of practical, production focused thoughts on game and business development, I’m also interested in exploring how development works on a more fundamental level.  That’s where the name of this blog comes from.

What is development in general?  It’s movement toward greater effectiveness.   Starting from the idea that basically all stuff is parts connected together in some way to accomplish some purpose,  development is when stuff’s parts are supplemented, modified or re-arranged to more effectively accomplish that purpose.




Ultimately, parts and connections are the first of the building blocks of development.  Everything that is or can be known can be understood and described in terms of parts and connections.  The parts that make up everything that will ever be already exist!  They just need to be connected in the right way through development.